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Did Britain develop rockets during WW2


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Does anyone know if Britain used or developed rockets similar to those used by Germany e.g V1 and V2
@ Spotter..

if you mean Britain it is NO (by my knwowledge)..
I found a V1 lookalike in an Allied forces Technical
manual some time ago and will look for the references.

This lookalike can be placed in the same category
as the SD-2 (captured and rebuild or improved by
Allied Forces). In German this phenomena is called
'Beutewaffe' and there are many examples of captured
and reused munitions/weapons.

So, do you mean 'Captured' Rockets or something else?

hello dillo ,no dont mean captured items ,was curios as to wether we had used or developed any big stuff like the v1 or v2 ourselves

Sorry, no Big Rockets in my archives
except the V1 lookalike in the US TM.