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Did the UK use electrical fuzes


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Does anyone know if during WW2 the UK/allies used electrical bomb fuzes similar to the german EIAZ types and employ anti handling/boobytrap devices with bombs.
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Yes they did Spotter they are the No 845 and No 870.
They are anti handling/boobytrap devices.


  • Kopfznder No. 870 elek. Znder.jpg
    Kopfznder No. 870 elek. Znder.jpg
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  • Kopfznder No. 845 elektrischer Kippznder.jpg
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The British No17 was a anti handling fuze although not electrical , it was mechanical
Thanks for the replys and images,,more questions im afraid
When the Germans (for example) had to deal with these did they use similar methods to what we use in the uk freezing ,solutions etc and were these anti handling devices effective
Yes they did freezing.
But on the No 17 fuze they blown them up like in the pics.


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Pics. of freezing the fuze.


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