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different colors on bosnian projectiles and mortars


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here are different colors on bosnian made shells. except shown there are also black, brown and raw aluminum colored shells that i don't have in my collection.
on photos are shown 76mm HE, 82mm recoilless gun HEAT shells and 120mm HE mortar grenades.


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Very nice collection! Thanks for taking the time to shoot the photos of the different colors. The mortar shell in the middle is the color of all of the Bosnian stuff I have seen here in the states.

Here some more colors. Any idea what the manufactor is from the mortar with the pipe on it ?. Photos were taken at the vitezit factory, most of the wher emptyd for the recycling of the explosives.


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original color of former yugoslav peoples army shells upon which bosnian shells are made is olive drab with yellow stencils. shell in the middle is different color from that 'original'.
in bosnia during war shells are manufactured on dozen locations and shell painting scheme depends on availability of colors in specific circumstances.

i think that shell on your picture is manufactured in croatia, but i will check i more.