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difficult id request


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Ok folks i know nothing about this item other than it was found on an old UK range during a clearance task,all i have is this photo,,seems an impossible task to identify to me but maybe someone knows.is it even ordnance related ,i dont know........HELP
thanks for looking spotter

I had a 2" smoke emission mortar once that looked like that, the insides were almost "fossilised" where it had burnt out and been buried in the ground for years.just an idea. Tony.
Hi Spot,i reckon,using the hand as a guide its the remains of a 6 pdr practice shot, it looks as if you can see a tracer core to the right in the center?Thats my guess,cheers tony.
i would think by the picture its too big for a 2" smoke,,but i know what you meen ,it looks like the same type of material found in expended /corroded smoke rounds,,ive asked the person who sent me these pics to try get more info if possible,,but any suggestions are welcome ,as we can then go through the elemination process or confirm what it may be,,thanks for all the suggestions folks your help is appreciated