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Display for ww2 german ELAZ fuzes


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Hi Chaps,

can anyone please come up with a way i can display my fuzes without the bakelite containers?
i was thinking of some sort of rack that i can attach to the shelf and then label up each fuze?

Waff have a look how fuzeman has displayed his in the members collections section,,perhaps you could get a similar style display stand made out of perspex

Waff I think you should buy the bombs and display them in those Carlins got a 50kg german bomb for sale for ONLY 1200 If I was filthy rich I would buy it off him.

Right then seriously how about a two step shelf that has shallow holes drilled to the diameter of the fuses on the lower step and you can display the bakelite cases behind the fuze on the higher step if you dont understand me I will try and draw a piccy on computer and upload for ya
As for the bomb,ive seen one on the net for 900 Euros.

still out of my range when im saving up for other ammo. cheers for the tip anyhow.

Heres a pic waff i'm no artist and on a computer defo no artist but its an impression (if it uploads that is .
Hi Waff
The best way to display bomb fuzes is an idea i had friom a book called Bombs and Boobytraps by Captain H j Hunt on page 17 is the picture of his training room on the shelf is this rack that i have reproduced,
It looks like 1 flat sheet of pine or similar wood with 6 inch high end pieces then holes 52mm in diameter are drilled into the top piece the fuzes hang down .
Confused then please cotact me and i will try to reproduce the items i have here.
Thank you Steve,
I think that sounds the way to go,but i may construct mine in perspex if possible.
I can get hold of more of those perspex gun-racks i have for my MG and then attach the sheet straight across.
perspex is made in my home town,so thats the supply sorted!
thank you gents for your inputs on this project.