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Does anyone have a 15 Pounder Ehrhardt case?


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Does anyone here have a British made 15 Pounder Ehrhardt case?

This is unusual for artillery in collecting terms in that the projectiles are more common than the cases.

If anyone has a case, please could you post a photo of the headstamp.
15pr QF

Hogg's book British Artillery 1914-1918 has a picture of a 15pr headstamp in it but if you've not got the book, photo attached. Ignore the price label, definitely not for sale. 2pr


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Thanks 2Pounder. Is that a full date (21st December 1901) at the side? I suppose there must have been some WW1 dated ones made as well.

Can you post the measurements for your 15 Pdr case? I'm looking for a length and the diameter of the rim.


15pr case

Case is 169mm long, rim dia 90mm. closure over charge is by a lid and case has 3 tabs like the naval cases. Yes that is a full date stamping. Gun introduced mid 1901, replaced in 1916, only 108 made and lots saw service outside Europe. Cases probably more common in southern Africa and Egypt, doubt if relatively many made anyway. 2pr
I suppose the only way you would find one today is probably a souvenir bought home by a soldier. It also has to have managed to survive over 100 years without being thrown out in a clearout.