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Drill 12G Shotgun Shell


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Hi Guys, can anyone tell me if this item is a genuine military store or not ? it is a solid aluminium cartridge with a brass base. The "primer" is made of rubber and there is no headstamp. One side reads: DRILL CARTRIDGE SHOTGUN 12 BORE L15A1 and the other side reads GE 03-01 448GO1. I am suspicious about it because one lot of markings looks different to the other. Sorry about the fuzzy pics, I was out and about when I took these. Your comments are welcome.
sorry Roller my stuff on the service shotgun cartridges only goes to the L14A1 and does not cover drill or practice rounds
GE may well be "Gevelot" shotgun cartridge manufacturer, sorry to be so vague but at the moment I have no access to my books on the subject.
FYI, I have recently discovered that this item is a British Military issue drill round. Many thanks to those who contributed. Tony.