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Drill Fuze No 198 & 400.


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This is a Drill fuze No198 & 400 but has a flat base so must be for practice in setting the timing -so it seems?
The No 400 is similar to the No 198 but has a different ring filling. Both are for the Navy.

Fuze is marked : DRILL FUZE No 198 & 400 11 1944 ?3B ZW in a circle.
No 198 ^ 11 N FL 2/38 9
The base is flat , never threaded and is 62mm wide. 54mm high. Is it used for fuze setting ? It cannot fit into a shell.


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Your fuze started life as a No. 198 manufactured by FL - Ferranti Ltd., in February 1938. It appears to have been filled in September 1938, I can't make out the filler's monogram
It was converted to a No. 198/400 Drill Fuze in 1944. I think the 11 might well be an "N"
It is slightly unusual it that when a fuze is modified or converted, the original manufacturer's monogram should be barred out.
It's doubtful that any of the other components are from the same original fuze.
I would suggest it has ended its life as a desk or mantlepiece ornament, the thread for the cap has been machined off, as has the 2" GS threads cut off flush with the taper seat. I've never seen window/vent filled with lead.

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