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Drill round ID please


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Can any one help with the markings on this shell please.
Am I right in saying it is a practice shell for a British artillery piece.

Thanks z4.


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57 mm 6 Pr 7 Cwt Drill

Yes Zephyr4, it is a 57 MM 6 Pounder 7 Hundredweight (Cwt) Drill round.
It will have the same shape and weight as the real round would be.

Nice item too !
Thanks for the rapid reply Chris,I noticed it has had the date change from 42 to 43 is there any reason for that?.
Service round re-cycling!

The date change will be due to the base being from a "service" round that has been re-cycled to a drill round a year later !

All the 6 Pounder drill rounds I have seen have been with service cases made thus converted.
I know they reload shell's but never gave it a thought about them re-using for a practice shell.

Thanks z4.