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Dummy UZRGM delay train and det


Ordnance Approved
Ordnance approved
Hi, Im after a dummy delay train and detonator (or parts of a used practice detonator) for an UZRGM fuze. I may have to make the parts, if I cant find them:sad:, so detailed drawings will also be appreciated:nerd:. The completed fuze will be for a sectioned RGD-5. Thanks


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    1 det 4 BOCN.jpg
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That's all i have on dimensions for a uzrgm

Try contacting MrFuze, a BOCN member. He has had inert items in the past.
Hi Jolly green,

Thanks for the tip. That ones actually been sold (web site still to be updated). I'm pretty sure I've got one now, but have not got it in the hand yet.