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This is a nearly complete unit of an E.S.Mi.Z.40, a mechanical-electric fuze marked cqx 42 (Friemann & Wolf GmbH, Zwickau).
The mechanical part works like a S.Mi.Z.35 with the difference, that instaed of a percussion cap an electrolyte filled ampoule is broken from the striker. The fluid between two electrodes sets up electric current, which induces a flash in the firing bridge exploding the mine.
The unit was part of a chain of nine fuzes, two chains where connected with one S.Mi.35. Additional pressure bars could be placed between the prongs of adjacent fuzes.
In all a great effort and much work to release one mine!




Fuzeman Steve will be so kind to add some technical details (thank's!)
E.S.Mi.Z.40 -part two-

unfortunately two parts are missing. the four plugs (two red and black ones each) and the metal u-clamp, both items necessary for properly connecting the firing bridge with the mine.
perhaps somebody has such bids in his scrap box??E.S.MiZ.40-Zndbrcke1.jpg


Here is the text from official sources


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I think that compressing the file to upload has caused the print to become unreadable will retry when the batteries have been recharged.
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Have fun with this...but it's not for sale



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Hi All

I have one in my collection that can be seen at http://www.fieldgear.org/fuses.htm if that is of further help. I have never seen the "U" shaped bracket for sale either & perhaps were tossed away. The bridge screws to the mine so maybe that was found to be enough.

Trust thats of some use.