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Early German Friction igniter


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I have this Old German friction igniter ,,other than the attatched drawing i have no other info,if anyone knows from what period it is from and what gun it would have been used with etc please feel free to add more info


  • 1a friction tubeDSC00054.jpg
    1a friction tubeDSC00054.jpg
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    1friction tubeDSC00055.jpg
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Hello Spotter! I found that in my collection! I hope it please you. Harry


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Nice ,and with original containers,,,do you know how old these are Harry,
Hi Fusse 2004
have these 2 friction fuzes that were in german Kugal and egg grenades.
Do you know the correct name for them and there dates of manufacture?
Both are marked L B.
Cheers, Paul..


  • german friction fuzes.jpg
    german friction fuzes.jpg
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Hello Paul! I cannot help you unfortunately! I know e these fuzes only under the name friction fuze I have none were subject more over these fuzes. Harry
your friction tube is for German artillery gun of 9 cm ww1
also exist for Belgian gun under casemate stamping EP
One meets sometimes this kind of things on grenades in certain exposures, sold for trapped grenades,sometimes in prevate or not museum, I doubt the reality of this kind of assembly because an artillery friction tube is rather resistant to the friction and to try to tear off draws it fire with the hand is rather difficult unless having an adequate hook.Impossible to tear with a finger.
I think it's possible to be an imagination assembly
Ever met these assemblies on the ground since thirty years of trade in North France