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economy m1915 German stick grenade

In this hobby, the German stick grenades have to one of the most popular and recognizable grenades of all time. The m1915 WWI German stick grenade with the ball finial on the stick has to be one of the most desireable of all sticks save some of the ultra rare and one offs etc.... They usually cost 2 arms and a leg and then some. Well I found the head some years back on ebay for 35 euros. It has a few dents and a few rust holes but otherwise solid. The stick itself is reproduction (a good one) which I also scored on ebay for us20.00. Some tedious fitting, and some aging of the stick, and a green repaint of the head and I ended up with the m1915 stick on right side of photograph. So I figure I have about us65.00 invested and am real happy with the end result. My point here is that you don't have to be "daddy war bucks" to end up with what I would consider to be a very displayable and mostly original WWI m1915 German stick grenade with the ball finial. I may upgrade it someday, but to tell you the truth I have so many other fish to fry I think this one is here for the duration. If you look, you can easily find the stick grenade bodies, and even original wooden sticks. The labor and result in my mind are well worth the result. Any grenade I show in a post I always say if it's original, repro or in this case a "mutt". Some would blow boogers at such a piece but to me it is and was a labor of love....Dano


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That's really impressive Dano. The stick looks fantastic and from the photo, couldn't tell it was a repro. Really good job you did on ageing it. What did you use? Any before pics?
stick aging

The wood aging is easy. As you know your basic repro stick handles are pretty light in color. Start by sanding handle dry with 400 grit paper. then spray handle flat black, dry sand again with 400 paper, paint again, sand again and finish with emery paper. The paint actually works down into the wood grain and simulates years of abuse..Dano
Nice job Dano,,,,love the aging tip,,,it must what my mother in-law used over the years :xd:

Regards Nick