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Eierhandgranate M1917 unknown stamps ??


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Hello i bought this german egg granade M1917 last week !

I found on the bottom side some signs stamped in pls help me to find out what does it means ???

Regards David


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Remscheid Fabrik perchance (ref Notes on German Fuzes etc).

Ok thanks for the investigation of this stamps i was also thinking this must be the manufacture code for the company but i dident found a company with this signature !!!

Regards David
m1917 German egg grenade marks

Many of the m1917 German eggs have manufacturer markings stamped on the bottom. I tried to catalog variants a few years back, but quit when I could not attribute any markings to a manufacturer. One of the more common markings on bottom is HEH. There is one HEH variant I know of that the HEH lettering is on the side of the grenade above the grip ring.