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Eihandgranate 1917


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This is saras latest item a WW1 german eihandgranate model 1917.This came in two main types of body smooth or with a segmented band,also practice versions were produced.From what ive found so far these used a charge of 30 gr. black powder, aluminium and baryte nitrate.
This one is unfuzed and i fitted with the transit plug .The Plug is clearly marked R F and the bottom is clearly marked R F and Ch or Ck ,anyone know who or what these indicate..thanks for looking spotter


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Nice little grenade in good condition. I have seen these with either a lead or leather washer under the transit plug. Sorry but I don't know what the markings mean, presumably makers marks. I have a few in my collection and can post pics during the week if you like. Several different igniters were used. The smooth body seems to be the rarer one, but be carefull, I have seen serrated ones ground down to make them look smooth. Practice ones are generally painted red and have three fair sized holes in the base to allow a spotting charge to escape. You may be aware that the Serb/Yugoslav Army used an almost identical grenade with a different fuse right up to and including WW2. Most Serbian grenades of this period had a left hand thread in the body and on the fuse, but I would have to find mine to confirm this on this particular grenade. hope this is of some interest, Tony.
Thanks for the info roller ,yes feel free to post your pics..this gren cost about 25 including post of spec auctions which seemed a fair price
Here are my German WW1 egg grenades, except the bottom one on the right, which is the Serbian/Yugoslav one mentioned before. Note the large brass fuse assembly on this one. Second pic shows the different fuses, and last pic the bases, also notice the different serrations on some of them. I can take close-up pics if anyone would like them. Tony.


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