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Hello! I wanted to present my newest bomb fuze to you! A German bomb fuze El.AZ.26 for the 250 kg of Flambombe. Harry


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Real nice fuze harry!

Was this the one on Egun? I put in a bid but the one i saw went for double what i could afford!



Hello Waff! No is not from EGun! But with EGun egg El.AZ is offered to 26. Harry

is it possible to have some informations about the colors of the grman fuzes .

i've seen the regular dark blue / luftwaffe blue.
the yellow .

and this light blue presented on this elaz 26 , that i've seen on some long delay models .


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The Fuze Colours are
Red = Airburst Ie (9)
Green = Special Fuzes (50) or (26)
Yellow = Not for low level use (28)B07
Grey = General Fuzes (15 )
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Hi the (26) fuze is really painted green , but the photographs make it appear to be Blue.