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ELAZ 17A Working


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This is the one that now does what it says on the tin.

The 1940 pattern all ally bodied emergency pattern fuse
which fully strips and will tick happily away to itself.

I have now got to find a 250kg to drop this in.

Totally free from any explosive .


  • ELAZ 17A 006.jpg
    ELAZ 17A 006.jpg
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    ELAZ 17A 008.jpg
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    ELAZ 17A 009.jpg
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The Emergency pattern has a lower half in steel. with no markings this is a (17)B which usually had the marks painted on it.and would have been painted grey, with the marking EI.AZ (17)B* in white ink and ran for between 5 and 120 minutes.
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Hi Phil,
I swear that the batch numbers on your fuze are very similar to those i have on one of my 17-A's?
Steve,you sure that this is a 17-B?

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Hi Paul yes im sure(17)A are all marked on the shoulder Whilst the (17)B are all marked on the fuze body approx 30 mm down from the shoulder, fractionally above the joint.
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