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Experimental 4 in Naval projectile with ??? fuze


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I found this on a proof range a few years ago. It is a 4 in projectile, later confirmed to be HES. What I haven't been able to identify is the fuze. I have had a reasonable look at what fuzes were in service with the Navy at the time the ammunition was used but it doesn't correspond to the remains of any of them. Any idea anyone??


  • Proj 4 in Mk 16 HES 02.JPG
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    Proj 4 in Mk 16 HES 04.JPG
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Mystery Fuze

Hi bombmonki with all those "connectors" sticking out of the top of where the fze body was once supposed to be-my reckomning is that it is the remnents of a "Doppler" type Radar fuze !

Hope this helps you ?
I had similar thoughts but have been unable to identify a fuze in Australian service that corresponds. Given that it is 4 inch it could have a Navy fuze or a Land service fuze as it was found in a location near an old vertical recovery fuze testing battery was located. Personnally I don't think the projectile was from this sort of activity as they are almost never on the surface.