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Factories of Death


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I just started with this book so far a very intresting.
About BW and CW testing by the Japanese from 1932-1945.
The book is not too bad, but a bit biased. They could have been more factual and a little less emotional. Still a difficult subject for the Chinese. The book has very little of interest on the CW side though. There are some really good documents at the Nat Archive, it takes a lot of digging but you can find some of the original interviews with the Unit 731 leadership and some of the correspondence where they (US) argue about whether they should be tried or not for war crimes.

The Site (Unit 731) is a museum now, not much left, but interesting nevertheless. You can pay a small fee and go through the area and see the remnants of the buildings (most destroyed by retreating Japanese) and tour through the old admin building where they have photos and a couple of mock-up bio bombs (Uji model).


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