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Fake 30mm's that have passed my way.


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These were only bought as i wanted the cases they resided in.


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charlie do you know if these were made to deceive people or were they just made as cartridge fillers
Either way Spott,im starting to see a lot of these 'home-mades' on the market.
Worrying times ahead? :(

The right two were made to deceive people and the left one is mass produced and what you get if you buy one of those packaged rounds for tourists.
Mock ups/Dummies/ etc

As the real kit dries up it will be replaced by "mock ups" a sad state of affairs indeed.

It can already be difficult enough to sniff out a "real" article without the counteirfiters getting more sophisticated with C.N.C. machines and the like, and as they get more difficult to find so the price goes up and it then becomes a viable proposition to have a "production run" on a machine.