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festival of history 19th 20th july

paul the grenade

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Hi All.
Just thought i would let you all know about this event
Its the biggest multi period living history event this year. featuring soldiers from the roman period upward. the 1st and 2nd ww displays are always a show stopper. last year had 1ww biplanes having a dog fight!
well worth a day out.
its at kemarsh hall just north of northampton.
Ill be there in my full armour ready to knock ten bells out of anyone who fancys there chances.:xd: ha ha.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t hope to see you there.
cheers, Paul.
heres a few photos from the event that may be of interest to you guys.


  • 1ww tank.jpg
    1ww tank.jpg
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  • boxes of grenades.jpg
    boxes of grenades.jpg
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  • ammo box.jpg
    ammo box.jpg
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  • 2 inch mortar.jpg
    2 inch mortar.jpg
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  • grenade launcher.jpg
    grenade launcher.jpg
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heres some more


  • 2ww german equip.jpg
    2ww german equip.jpg
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  • german sentry post 3.jpg
    german sentry post 3.jpg
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  • paul and james 2.jpg
    paul and james 2.jpg
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  • romans.jpg
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  • vickers machine gun.jpg
    vickers machine gun.jpg
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