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few more for the collection


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picked up some nice shells from stoneleigh today it was well worth the vist and a big thanx to bocn member chris 42 rq for the lift to the car with them

cheers lee


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Impressive rounds Lee, I hope you have a lot of room for them.

You are most welcome Lee, it is always nice to see someones collection expanding !
Looks like you and your family had a very good day.
Hi leeski,looks like you also had a good day at the show,nice one!
Good of you Chris to give him a lift up there,thats what BOCN is about when helping other members.
btw leeski,
I like your new avatar! lol best

thanx guys it was a great day
we have 2x 155 shells 105 mm shell 2 x 4.5 shells french 47 mm and a 25mm hotchkiss