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filler plugs : N.5,N.23,N.36


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hello, I need to replace a zink filler plug for a N.36 and I was wondering which are the main differences from previous types. The original one, badly damaged was unmarked and plain zink.
If anybody could contribute with some pics, it's more than welcome
hi, i'm not in a rush, but I am bit confused with these plugs and main differences between the 3 types of grenade
the No5 and No23 were basically the same body and had a small filler plug made of brass and sometimes aluminium, when they re designed the body on the No23 mk3 they made the filler plug larger. the No23 mk3, No36 and No36m are all basically the same bodies with the larger size filler plug. early ones were brass and the later 36m had the zinc one (i think)
cheers, paul.
hi Paul,
thanks for your explanation.
I looked in the box where I keep my finds and look what it came up. I think it might be a n.36 plug,although non in perfect shape. On the right, the one that was badly damaged probably when removing it.
they look quite similar.


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the plug cut (sorry if that is not the correct word,I am not too familiar with technical words) is a bit damaged, because it comes from an exploded grenade (as the bottom plugs I posted before ), but it still fits allright. I wasn't sure about it when I found it, but since they seem not too common to find, it is a lucky find!