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Fire Risk Classes


Ordnance approved
For my display I want to place one of the signs in the following diagram. It will be in front of a WWII ammunition stack representing 40mm Bofors QF rounds as per my previous post http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/40mm-bofors-tube-t9918.html?t=9918 My question is this: which sign should I use?

The prospective signs.

The fire risk classes.

I know its not the last one.

Fire Class 3, and remember the symbol should be made of metal.


Thanks for that. Bugger I made a whole set out of plywood :( back to the drawing board
Having re-read the list and knowing that my shell has a Government Explosive Group symbol "6", is this the same as the "Corresponding Explosive Groups" listed in the chart? If so that makes life so much easier :)