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Fishing for a Guided Missile !!!

Look what we cought?.


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HE`s like it is just a missile i catch these all the time ! do i look botherd :biggrin:
lol his mate i droped it ! :withstupid:
wtf insane they could have been 6ft under at anytime !:goodnight:
When I read an article about this today it said it was initially believed to be live but later confirmed as being an inert telemetry missile for testing. If I would have reeled that in I would have dropped it back over the side straight away.
" and i just had it on my shoulder and dropped it on the concrete"

Step away from the missile.

Hi Alan. The sagger was found in Bosnia. It was barrely visible and we could'nt enter the water becaus al the glas and other junk in it so before calling in a boat we tryed to fish it up en succeeded.


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We had a trawler bring up 6 x Mk 6 Anti submarine mortar projectiles about 10 years back. Combined they were over 1200lbs of minol (206 lbs each). They were actually bought into shore and one of my mates had to try and move them somewhere to get rid of them. Even after some time in the water they made a really good bang.