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FLaK 41 high altitude


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Hi fellas,

ive been offered a FLaK 41.
No fuze,pre-frag proj,lovely stamps on the case bottom,brass case..

downside is its got a dent in the shoulder were some idiot from the past has mis-handled it.
price is 170.
I can buy it whenever,thankfully as im skint after my new(unfinished)bathroom.
what say you boys?


Hi Matey,

Is the case cracked? This is quite normal if its been fired,they are quite hard to find without the crack. Whats the length of the case? I have one here,but its a frag head. Have a spare Zt/ZS/30fg going too lol. Not the sabo one.
170 is a good price if the case isnt cracked. Bear in the mind the cost of the fuze. I have seen a nice 41 with nice head and nice case go for around 270. Depending on the dent, sounds ok. Also bear in mind that some cases have had the cracks repaired, something to look out for.Have you seen the beast?.
Hope this helps Paul,
All the best,

Hi Waffy
I picked one up a while ago with a repainted but perfect pzgr39 AP projectile in it......and the case was also perfect, albeit no markings on the case. ....the only problem is, like a plonker, I put the projectile in a flak18 case while messing around, and now it doesnt come out.. Tempted to cut the case as its only a cheapie....flak18 that is. and put the proj back in the 41 case.
Stuck home all Saturday due to work, so will see if I can prize the proj free and re-plant in its original home (original to me anyway).

I paid 140, which considering the condition of both items, seems a stunning deal, as I normally pay way over the odds...just ask Q. :)

Read somewhere that this Flak41 AP had the same penetration at 2KM as the deadly Kwk36 does at 500m !!....ie not far off the charateristics of a Kwk43 AP....then again the case sizes are similar.!

hope that random waffle was of interest.
Waff, is it the correct pre frag projectile (8.8cm Sprgr Patr Flack 41 Gerillt) or the common Flak 36 projectile?

A German steel case with a good base is hard to find, how bads the dent?

I cant advise you on price but it doesn't seem to bad to me.

I think RichardB got a bargain!

As for the penetration of the AP round at 2km, its a little irrelevant, even if your projectile could destroy a tank at 2km you'd be hard pushed to hit it!

Thank you gents for your prompt and very informative answers!B)
I will be viewing the said beasty on Saturday.

Im told that the dent is just that and not cracked or filled.
im ok for a spare fuze as i have a spare in the collection.

Rich,you will have to make up a kinetic puller to release that stuck proj you have?

again,thank you chaps and i will post pics this weekend.


Here you go waffy...sorry for the rubbish picture, I took it early evening and there wasn't quite enough light. so I brought up the brightness with PS7 ...badly

Anyway, you can clearly see the larger case of the Flak41 88x855 vs that of the Kwk43 88x822. Ill take a better picture at the weekend, but neck of the flak41 is two piece, and you can see the overlap inside the mouth of the case.


As for the range of 2Km, Q, you may well be right, afterall I wasn't alive then....and I agree, when I picture it, it does sound like crazy distances to me.
However...he said climbing on his soap box...there are plenty of reports Ive read of 88's taking on vehicles on the open Russian fronts at 2-3km ranges....this would appear to be backed up by stats (from Thomas L Jentz) that show the Kwk43 having a 43% probability of hitting a 2.5m x 2m target at 2Km and still 23% at a staggering 3Km....even a report of a Nashorn (Kwk43 - Albert Ernst) destroying a vehicle at 4.5Km.

Climbing down....whether these stats/stories are true or its simply "Tiger" myth exaggerating them backed up by my own cognitive dissonance wanting to believe them....who knows, but they are still impressive pieces of equipment.

Good grief Rich!,i didnt realize that the `41 was that size compared to a KT!:eek:hmy:

Thanks also for yet another informative(and entertaining!:p ) write up.B)

Hello Rich, There can be no doubt that the 88s were effective and versatile weapons. My point was that engaging targets at such long range would be the exception rather than the rule. Most combat would be a ranges much shorter than 2-3km .

The Jentz data presumes that the distance to the target has been correctly determined, if we take into account that it hasnt (German tanks didnt carry range finders) then the accuracy falls off, perhaps four rounds to determine range and to hit the target (Jentz, Tiger I & II combat tactics Page 11). If you take into account that the enemy vehicles moving and returning fire then it makes for a very difficult hit.

Im not saying it wasnt done (I wasnt there either!) but it does make for very effective propaganda

Shame that there are a few dents but the brass seems nice and there are some great stampings on the bottom.
Hi Waff
Very nice indeed.

Only had a quick check through the thread but did you say the projectile was stuck in?

Yes it is,i was thinking of removing it somehow?
This one is `on the tab` if i want it and thats why ive posted it for your opinions friends.:)


It looks like the projectile is a Flak 18 one. It will have the straight bottom instead of a boat tail.

The reason I say this is because of the stamp
"13 SK 6 44".
You find this on a lot of the projectiles the Finnish keep after the war.
Thanks SG,i have a couple of proj`s the same as that one.
Im sure i read somewhere that the Finns removed all the original paint on captured ordnance back in the seventies?

Also,do you think this round is worth the asking price?