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For Auction Proceeds to BOCN fags n booze



I'm going to auction my rare and collectable Corgi 'Forward March' dead german on barbed wire he is mint in his box only removed once to check everything there and undamaged.
It is all made from metal/lead?
And i want the proceeds less postage and packing to go to BOCN as this site has given me so much needed information ,I have learned about things i was not at all interested in and am now after reading about them.
I have bought and sold items stress free and with great results off other members.
And most of all have made some really good friends on here.
Thankyou all and dig deep.
Cheers Waff are you sure mate he is a DEAD german or he could be just sunbathing or drying his clothes on the line
Thats nice mate but lets keeps it UK only as it would cost me a fortune to send it abroad as its quite heavy and in a medium sized box ,i will be auctioning some single rounds that will be cheaper to post (proceeds to BOCN) in the near future if your country allows them.
Thanks DAZ
You want people to bid, so they can help the BOCN site out with a donation. If I win you can post the dead german to Waff :laugh: , as I don't plan on paying for shipment over here :laugh: My bid still stands and if I win I'll pay for it to be mailed to Waff :laugh:
Ahh thats really nice of you , i could send you a rifle bullet free of charge if you win Invest as a concellation ,are inert rounds allowed to be posted to australia and whats the safest way anyone know??
Thats a very kind offer IV!B)

I hope someone else wins as its bloody `orrible!:p :laugh: :laugh:


Bloody orrible oi i was contemplating at one time giving his face a green paint wash to make him look over ripe.
Thanks DAZ,
But I'd like you to hang on to your rifle bullet, as Aussie customs isn't worth the hassel with ammunition related stuff. The only bullets or shell casings I source are from within Australia. Waff mate, yeah I know it's not the best scene for your shelf, but it may link in with some of your WW1 stuff. You never know other BOCN members might like to bid, as well :laugh: :laugh:
Just PM`d you IV.

ww2 for me ta!,im sure one of the other members will have a little bid though?;)

cheers and best

Just to let everyone know I have not given up on this and its still for offer 15 is the highest bid from RichardB I will give it until I get back to anounce the winner .
And if its richardB will give him a while to recover from his recent Turan shell purchase.