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Found in a shed.


could anyone help me with this find.
its 11cm(4 Inches) long and 11.5cm (4.5 Inches) around.

It is steel with what looks like copper, brass or lead sleaving about 1 inch long up the projectile, 1/2 inch from the base.

It has a hole in the base and around it are 1 3 F stamped in to the steel.

I hope someone can help me.

i certainly would not mess with it until one of the ordnance lads logs on and ID`s it!:eek:hmy:


Grimnar,i agree with the other moderators on this,, its definately a leave alone item untill its been properly looked at by trained persons ,its dificult to see in the photos but looks like you have the tracer still present or worse a broken off base fuze which could indicate an explosive filling.You need to contact your local police/authoritys to explain what you have found and they will arrange everything else,,its beter to be safe than sorry...Please let us know the outcome
thanks for the responses. From what I have been told it was brought back by a veteran from ww2, and was checked over by someone in the engineering corp before it was brought back.

Can anyone tell what its nationality is or what sort of weapon fired it?

by the way its a solid shot.
Can you measure it across the base as shown on attatched photo in mm if possible,sorry but im no good at maths working out that circmference stuff.Is it also possible to have a clearer picture of the base..cheers spotter

A tracer in a solid shot is quite common, it allows the gunner to see his fall of shot.
The round looks fired so you'd presume its safe but you can never be sure, whats needed is a better picture.
I can't i.d. it from the pictures. Again Spotters right a measurement across the base would help.

Hi Waff, That was my first idea but the profile looks wrong, band to wide, cannelur to low ect.

Could it be an American 37mm APC M51 shot missing its cap?

Ive just had a look at some drawings of 37mm M51 apc-t shot and it looks to be a good match.Minus the caps .BUT I WOULD GET THE TRACER CHECKED ,IT APPEARS FROM YOUR PHOTO NOT TO BE FULLY EXPENDED
The profile looks like a fired US 37mm M80 AP-T Shot, though the pictures are fuzzy. Cheers, Bruce.