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FRAG 220/260 Lbs Usa


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This one is also Nice.
Frag 220/260 lbs with AN-M 103 Nose Fuze.This Bomb is defuzed bye RAF Eod and blown up.


Cheers Mad.B)
Stop it mad i'm still aroused by the sd1 pics you posted i cant cope .

Do the fins off these bombs you find perish because they are thinner metal.
Seigfried on specialistauctions.com has got a really nice WW2 US 20 pound fragmentation bomb for sale .
A liitle bit smaller than yours.

No the Tail breaks off on impact or when the bom travels under ground.
On the 500 Lb i posted the tail is on top of the bomb still.

Cheers Mad. B)
I would def say that fins rot quickly.i also would have thought they would be ripped off on impact.

oops!,looks like me and mad posted at the same time!:p
similar conclusions though..