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French Connection (@37mm)


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I have a small collection of French WWII ordnance, and despite research, have always been a little uncertain about some of the rounds, in particular one or two of the 37mm rounds. This was somewhat exacerbated recently by a (more knowledgeable) friend pointing out that all were in wrong cases.!!

I still think I'm "pretty sure" what most of these items are, but for fun (and my education) I thought it was time try to remove any confusion once and for all, and open it to the BOCN members.....As such I have added a picture of 4 projectiles and 4 cases, and the goal is to help me match the Projectile to the case, and where possible, name each item. :)

For reference, the cases have the following dimensions

Case 5 - 37x94R
Case 6 - 37x149R
Case 7 - 37x149R
Case 8 - 37x277R

I'm afraid there aren't any prizes, just satisfaction you're helping out a fellow member ;-)



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Hi Rich,
I would say:

1 => 8
3 => 7
But both 2 and 4 should be in the 37x94R cases.

Well thats my opinion, anyone else have any ideas...?

best Weasel.
My thoughts

on the image just make it a pain to read !


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