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French grenade?


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Hi people,
Had this grenade for a long time now it was bought for me as a battlefield relic present from the hill 62 museum at Hooge,at the time I was told it was a French cam grenade, it is in poor condition, body has several splits in it(maybe because of partial detonation or the forces of rust!) & the lever has been repaired by what looks like car filler!.There is no sign of a cam or any thing to suggest there ever was,has any body any info/ideas on this grenade,there not really my intrest so perhaps someone would give it a home!
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french grenade

It is a French WW1 P1 "pear" grenade..Dano
P.S. I could give it a very good home if you could ship to US
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looks like a powder pouring container for muzzle loading rifles??
Theres a nice picture of one of these grens on


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P1 pear variant

This model P1 with spoon had cloth streamers fitted also, there is a variant P1 that had no spoon, took the early percussion igniter (often seen on F1's) otherwise it is the same body..Dano
Anyone have a good picture of the streamer and the weight? Mine is missing them and I want to make a repro one....

the cam

This grenade has no cam per-say but the camming is built into the handle which before activated the flat part on top of spoon fit squarely on collar on top or grenade, if you look at design, you can see that spoon, on a pivot is lifted and acts as the cam, lifting the device... Jeez I just reread that and now i'm confused..Dano
heres a few more pics of P1's


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  • p1 drill.jpg
    p1 drill.jpg
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  • P1 safe.jpg
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heres a few pics showing the lever cams in safe, armed and impact positions.


  • P1 fuze safe.jpg
    P1 fuze safe.jpg
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  • P1 fuze armed.jpg
    P1 fuze armed.jpg
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  • P1 Fuze upon impact.jpg
    P1 Fuze upon impact.jpg
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Nice pics and demonstration pics showing spoon acting as the cam. Well done Paul. did you make the streamer??..Dano
Percussion P1 pear

Was able to take this poor snap off my computer screen. It is the French WW1 P1 Pear grenade with the model of 1916 percussion igniter and no spoon. This is the second I have seen in this configuration so have to think it's legit. Makes for a nice grenade..Dano


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I Have no idea where you got the photo named "P1%2015" but it's mine.
Was it on another website then lexpev.nl?

percussion P1

Yes Lex, it was on buymilsurp.com, but shown as "sold out"...Dano
Sorry Lex, I was looking at wrong pic. the one you're referring to was emailed to me from another collector (duly deleted)
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ok, I guess it's good then. It was a bit funny as the pic is not even used on my website...

Like you I've seen the P1 grenade fitted with the early percussion fuze as well, several times.
Very strange configurations appear to have been made, check Paul's 60mm pneumatic mortar, made into a handgrenade.
I still have to "configure" quite a lot...