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French? mortar help ID please


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Hello all. I'm not a mortar collector but occasionaly buy things I like the look of. I got this in the post today and was quite impressed. Looks tidy and stencelling and blue paint appears original to me. The fuze appears to have been painted recently and is not particually neat. Can any one confirm the painted fuze, whether it should have these colours on it and what the mortar actually is. I have been told it is French and has a 1951 date stencilled and a 1947 date stamped on the blue bit. Is this a training round?


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Fuze is 21/28 B Mle 1935 special without detonator but with powder initiating charge for use on this smoke training mortar round
Colour is good for your round
Thanks for the info. I'll leave it alone then.

Lee, thanks for your comment, you have made my elephant all big headed now!