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French tear gas grenade


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I got this (EMPTY and INERT!) French tear gas grenade at a boot sale in the summer for 50p.

The body is cardboard, painted grey with a purple stripe around it. The body is marked, in painted purple lettering:

Gr Lac 64
CB (in circle)

The fuse is made from pot metal, with a galvanised steel fly-off lever and pin. On the side of the fuse body it is marked "SAE" over "12". On the top of the fuse body it is marked "2,5s", presumably the delay. The fly-off lever is marked "SAE" over "3" over "75"


It was identified on another forum as Modele 64 Tear Gas Hand and Rifle Grenade.

Here is the info I got on the maker's marks.

The grenad e was made by SNPE (Socit Nationale des Poudres & Explosifs), then a state concern which had a monopoly for every explosive substance made in France (this is no more!), here using the code ACX.

Here, the igniter was made by ALSETEX (Socit Alsaciene d'Etudes & d'Exploitation), using the code SAE.

Is this grenade worth anything? Condition I would say is average.
Hi Falcon, If I was selling this (and have done so in the past) I would expect it to fetch 15-20 but could easily be more (or less!) on ebay as it's such a hit and miss affair, in any case it's a real bargain at 50p! regards, Tony.
These grenades were copied in South Africa & filled with CS, they were then packaged in clear plastic bags or carton containers. The Cb was replaced with CS markings. These grenades were an irritant to all who had to recover & dispose of them.
Ok, I founded it.

It can be launched by hand with delay fuze (1,5s) or with rifle with cap (2.5s delay).