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French WW1 practice?


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French/U.S. WW1 practice?

Kinda funny,found the practice body"full body with hole cast in bottom,traces of red paint" at one event,snagged the fuze and upper portion at another event.Kinda nice too,still has the leather washer.
Heard that in the beginning of the war"WW1" the US made and used these? Is there a way of telling?The fuze does have a few cast in marks.Comments?


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F1 mki

Hi Lou, I could be wrong, but I was under the understanding that they were French made and used by the US until the Mark I hit regular production. the first fuze for the MK1 was a huge failure, as the handle failed to fall off, and the Germans were picking them up and throwing them back, so the doughboys preferred using the F1 at least until the MKII fuze was fitted to the MKI. thats my take on it anyhow. To answer your PM, Yes a fine speciman.Dano The F1 is a French design used by French and Americans and definately a key piece in WW1 France. First F1's had slow match fuse, then went to 1916 percussion igniter, then billiant lever fuze. Did the practice body come from GWM?
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