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OK, over to you experts again! This stands a little short of 6 inches tall and 2.5 inches across. It has a T bar hand setting timer with a ring pull that would appear to allow for a trip wire or landyard to set the clockwork mechanism running. The graduations are luminous. The bottom part when removed reveals a detonator. The top is marked in ink stencil INERT T.84 and stamped 1 SLC 83 12. The logo on the lead seal is an anchor. I don't think its a naval alarm clock but other than that I haven't a clue - do you?
Oh, and a very merry christmas to you all, Dave


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Hi Dave ive seen something like this before trying to think it could be Italian, will have a hunt through the manuals.
ps, the seasonal greetings was meant in general terms, please don't respond in kind as I'm not as young as I used to be and suspect I haven't enough years left to read all the messages! dave
thanks Steve but would they spell INERT as INERT? Wouldn't it be something like 'torpeo ignavus'? Try looking under Italian Naval Alarm Clocks. Dave
Hi Dave
Im trying to look for the picture of a similar fuze we have in the display cabinet at chatham i think its an italian Anti swimmer mine fuze ,
why don't they just do like we do and put a red flag on the beach when they don't want you in the water?!
Its more fun not warning them , nope still cant find it , will keep looking