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Fuze id please


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Marked 6-37.AT wondered if anyone could id it as i cant find it in any of my stuff.......thanks spotter

I going to hazard a guess that its for a 3.7 Anti-Tank round?
Or,it was made in June 1937??

Hi Spotter,

How big is it?
Have you lookt inside?
I think it looks like it's a mine fuze.

Cheers Mad.
Identified elswhere on site in a previous post as a belgian bomb fuze,thought i seen it before.........
yes, I agree, I 've seen these fuzes at a Belgian EOD unit, assembled on a small HE-filled steel cylinder (pre-fragmentated), which have almost the same outer diameter than the fuze diameter.
They told me it is for an early Belgian bomblet.
The fuze is an all-ways action impact fuze.
I don't know more about this or any nomenclature of it.
Erhard Koch, Mrfuze
Never noticed this post before. I'll have to look for it this weekend, but I believe I have one page on the fuze and submunition. Not really tech data, but a decent drawing at least. It is a Belgian submunition, I think the designation is on the doc.
Thanks very much for showing the submunition with the fuze fitted,another mystery solved
As I understand it there were two versions of the submunition, HE and incendiary. I've got one version of the fuze, but I am still looking for a body. This is all the info I have.

Untitled-1.jpgUntitled-2 (1).jpg
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