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Fuze, nose, T&P, No.221B MKI, GB


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I want to share some images of a cutaway of the commonly used No.221 B MK I powder train time & impact fuze, which was used during WW II by the British in various caliber shells.
Mrfuze, USA


  • No.221 b MK I, cut, 1, GB,.jpg
    No.221 b MK I, cut, 1, GB,.jpg
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  • No.221 b MK I, cut, 1a, GB,.jpg
    No.221 b MK I, cut, 1a, GB,.jpg
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222 Fuze

This looks to be a No 222 rather than a No 221B.

Basically it's a 221, but with the outside contoured to match the 117 and 119 fuzes.
Designed for airburst HE rounds.
Introduced in 1940 and obsolete by 1951