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Fuzes and fuze related items.


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Here are some pics of my fuzes consisting of artillery/rocket and mortar fuzes.
There are also pics of my fuze related items,setters/spanners/adapters/plugs and covers.

All items range from approx 1900 to modern day.

All comments appreciated!



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A couple more pics.


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fineola fuzes

Quite a show Andy, really fine collection. The WW1 fuzes are my favourites but they are all nice..Dano
Looking good dude and well displayed . :)
No wonder you needed that ammo box i got ya at Beltring!

Very Nice collection.

A very impressive collection Andy D.

Interesting to see you have what I think is an experimental "PISH" base fuze for the 120 tank gun.

Also unusual to see all those Fuze covers as most people do not bother with them-you even have what looks like 2 x 206 Naval fuze covers-pretty rare I believe.:tinysmile_eyebrow_t

Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
Hi Andy,
Thats a really nice collection of fuzes, quite a range of type and age there. Many thanks for showing us.
Best regards Weasel.
Nice collection Andy!
Have anyobody a good cutaway draw from the Czeh (Skoda) 28M fuze wich used in the 15cm CP(?) grenades? (The fuze at right lower corner on the third picture.)