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German 10,5 cm WW1 round with unknown painting


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Hello i have this german ww1 10,5 cm round with a little bit original color can anyone help me put to identifie what kind of round it was ??
Maybe this paint sheme does not exist and maybe anyone have repainted this round ?? i dont know
It look like a grey color with a red and yellow or orange piping !!


Regards David

Two pics of the shell !!


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Hello Dave,
this could be a 10,5cm Sprenggranate L.. (two types known)

Projectile length w.o. Fuze: 304mm
Fuzing: Kopfzunder 16 fr 10cm Kanone or Haubitzenzunder 14.
The color should be Grey, later on grey with an unpainted shoulder (greased instead of paint).

The correct nomenclature is: 10cm Gr.Patr.14

Your picture shows a Doppelzunder 92.. this fuze was for the 10cm Gr.Patr.
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Dear ammodillo

No thats not right ammodillo see the picture the fuze is a Doppel zuender C 98 SP not a C 92 !!

Have a lot of thanks for the describtion of the shell !!

Regards David
This original blue color is reserved to the German Schrapnell shells.
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10.5 shell

Dave, The paint looks pretty good to me if i'm seeing it right (my eyes suck) painted up to the shoulder from where on it would have been greased. You have some cool shells Dan
yes thanks Dano

I bought this shell 2 weeks ago !! it was i think for the conditions realy cheap thanks for your informations dano !!

Regards David
the two rings !!

But can anyone tell me this two rings red and orange it is for me not clear is it painted or only the primer or what is it ??


Regards David
Hello David,
Please compare attached documents..
I think there's a mixup in the configuration of your 10cm projectile.
The second picture matches your id request, the first matches your fuze.
According documentation the Doppel zuender C 98 SP is unique to the first.

Regarding your question on the colourbanding (Farbringen);
These should be close to the Driving band (Fhrungsring) read attached clipping..
Colour coding is described in the same clipping.

PS: the info given is based on hard to get documents, this is all i have on this 10,5cm


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The DoppZ 98 was used with the 1898 pattern schrapnel round but your shell looks like HE. What is the length of the shell without fuze?
Thanks boys

Thanks for this much infos regarding my shell yes it can be possible that this fuze is not the right for this shell may the seller attached this fuze to the shell and also the paint may he colored the shell new !!
I dont know it looks that the paint is original but i am not sure !!
Than the fuze is the wrong one i am right that the correct fuze should be the HZ 14 ( thanks Ammodillo ) ??
and i am also right that the paint as its showing is for a shrapnell shell but the housing of the shell looks like a HE shell ??

Thanks David
I think the paint is correct Dave.
The fuze isn't (in my humble opinion), maybe you should ask an WW1 expert like Doctor for the correct fuze data.

Attached a comparisson between the two projectiles as discussed (watch the drivingband measurements)
Maybe you should take a peek into the shell and compare to the Shrapnell (left) and Spreng (right) drawing as attached.
I am convinced that yours is a Spreng.. (HE as mentioned by Dickaren) with a wrong fuze.

Good luck!


  • Dave 10.5cm Shrapnell-Spreng Gr.jpg
    Dave 10.5cm Shrapnell-Spreng Gr.jpg
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Can you show a Photography of the inside please.

To see how thick is the shell :

thin ==> schrapnell else expl.
More pics

Ok boys here are more pics of the shell from the inside too !!

Regards David


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Hello David, to be completely sure..
Will you please be so kind and compare the measurements from the last two drawings?
I have checked the measurments

Ok i have checked the measurments of this shell
The measurments shows it is a HE shell not a Shrapnell shell !

The Driving band is 25 mm and the hight of the shell to the fuze is 304 mm !!

Thanks great job boys !!

That means the painting is correct but the fuze is wrong ??
Ok i have checked the measurments of this shell
The measurments shows it is a HE shell not a Shrapnell shell !

The Driving band is 25 mm and the hight of the shell to the fuze is 304 mm !!

Thanks great job boys !!

That means the painting is correct but the fuze is wrong ??

I stay on my diagnostic : Schrapnell shell ==> blue colour +thin metal / blaue Farbe + dnnwandig

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