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German (17) clock keys



Picture shows the German (17) clock with its winding key inserted


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    Clock Keys 001.jpg
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Winding Keys

Clock Winding Keys
Left hand is an original winding key from a German Bomb disposal officer
Middle key is a 1950,s clock winding key , made by a britrish BD squad member
Right hand key made by myself from a Chubb Window lock


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    Clock Keys 002.jpg
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Setting Key

Pictures show the setting key used for setting the time on the (17) clocks its interesting to note that the circled number is actually marked (56) but the graduations are for 0 to 72 hours


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    Clock setting key 001.jpg
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    Clock setting key 002.jpg
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Winding key

Clock and winding key


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    Clock setting key 003.jpg
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Hi Steve
You're a very lucky man to have such a wonderful collection. Thanks for sharing it with us. Just to have type 17 is one thing...but to have all the extras is amazing.
Here's a dumb question regarding the time setter.
When the fellow who wound the fuze's clock set the clock to go off... did he just set a random time of his liking...or was there some sort of a higher up order telling him to set them for "x amount" of hours ??...depending on where they were bombing that day?
Thanks! Charlie
Hi Charlie
Thats a good question , which i ,ve never found the answer to , but i did read in a manual that what the set time was had to be stencilled on the bomb case.ican only gess is that somebody told the armourer what time to set the clock for, it was the same as the fuze types depending on the type of raid and the target as to which fuze would be used
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Hello Steve! Super of parts like I it ever gesehn does not have! Thanks which you it showed, Harry
Talking of time setting, during Op Granby (Gulf War 1) as the Weapons shift Boss at a deployed unit, It was my job to set delay on bomb fuzes. I had the full range of times at my discretion and varied the bombs between aircraft so that no trends were set, no external marking on bombs to the time were shown. I am sure that a similar protocol was put in place during t WWII.

Thats very interesting about the timing , i read an original manual which qouted that if 2 type (17) were deployed in the same bomb that they were to be set to the same time . of course any bombs that had the times stencilled on , by the time the bomb entered the ground , would have been destroyed
Thanks for the pictures Steve.:biggrin:

I shall see if my pal at the watchmenders can knock one up for me?


Crikee, I feel old! it was a long time ago and hen I talk about this to my trainees they look at me with somewhat questionable eyes...
Hi John
I too took part in Operation Granby , but i was nice and comfy in Base hanger Brize Norton for the duration with forages out to a nice 5 star hotel , they were the days
Hi John
I too took part in Operation Granby , but i was nice and comfy in Base hanger Brize Norton for the duration with forages out to a nice 5 star hotel , they were the days

Anybody would think you were RAF!
I was for Op Granby , VC10 Tankers RWR (101 Sqd )
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Hello Steve! Exhibition times which I found!!! Harry


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Hi Harry thats the one , i have seen only one at the museum in Kent , i have a picture of it somewhere .

Steve! I have still another picture for you!! Harry


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