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German (17) fuze



The picture shows the latest addition to my collection of fuzes, this one was recovered along with a type (38) fuze from a 250 Kg bomb dug up from the King Edwards school Birmingham sometime in late 1940,s , its interesting to note that part of the switch block had melted, possibly due to the tar/ pitch being poured into it , that one pin was permantley stuck down, and the other pin was incorrectly fitted , to my knowlege the BD officer who extracted it (Now sadly dead) had not attempted to dismantle it.
The clock is missing lost years ago in several house moves.


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    Sectioned 17 002.jpg
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Sectioned (17) fuze

Sorry the first picture came out too dark to see damaged section of switch block (This is on the left hand side) the wire seen running from the charging head would normally be hidden behind this block.


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    Sectioned 17 pic 3.jpg
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Hi Steve, nice cut. Small tip to remove any tar, either saw or polish it: Put the fuze in the freezer for about 8 hours. The tar has become hard and brittle. You can easily remove it with a dentists hook either a bamboo pin without any damage to wires or perspex (use bamboo stick for transparant perspex) in top of the fuze.
However it;s hard enough to cut the collector and polish it straight without any damage.

Regards DJH
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Hi thanks for the tip 1 it was certinly a very messy business that kept me from the tennis for a few days .