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German 1917 105mm case?


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Hi folks
I have this 105mm cartridge, 50cm long. The headstamps are 371 and sp255. It has a slight taper towards the neck although no obvious shoulder and I dont think it has been cut down.What gun might it be for?
Hi fred
Im not an expert but the Germans had a lot of 10.5 Cm guns there was a skoda 105 used on the atlantic wall defences in Guernsey .A picture of the base will reveal a lot?
Sorry, I was unable to photograph the base because its covered in paint. The only other discerable mark is "patronenfabrik" so I think its native german. As you say, the Germans used a lot of 105mm guns but most of the ones in my references have cartridges about 20cm tall. Although it looks scruffy it has few dents and should clean up well.

Thanks for the input folks. I just needed some pointers because I dont have much reference info on ww1 German stuff.
I love this forum!