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German 20mm stenciling


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I am interested in all things Madsen at the moment.

I have a complete German 20mm Madsen shell and I have a German reference showing the correct stenciling. I can apply this using some Laser waterslide transfer sheet stuff you can buy on eBay.

However, I think this might look a bit 'too perfect'. Has anyone got a picture of what German 20mm stenciling should look like? It seems a bit too small for a normal paper stencil. Would the lettering have appeared sharp or blurred and in black or light grey??

What do you think??
Hi Smirky,I suppose you could do with looking at colour stencil markings in a reference book.
I assume you have only a black and white one?
Surely some of the chaps in here can help you on this one?


Thanks for that. I found the reference drawings from lexpev - brilliant original material (thanks). What I could use now is a good photo of a good 20mm round to get an idea of how the letters were applied that small and the finished effect.

Come on someone, I know you can help here.

Has anyone tried this Laser printer waterslide paper?? I am new to stenciling but it seems quite promising.

I'm not sure if the rounds were stenciled with paper or 'roll' stencilled?

Somebody must have some 20mm stuff they could post pictures of?

The smallest i've got is a 3.7cm flak 18 projectile.

Hi Smirky,
A few pictures of German 2cm cannon projectiles showing stencils for you to look at.

Finished it!

I used the Laser printable waterslide tranfer sheets you can buy on eBay.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with this.

can you remember who you got the waterslide from or what brand it is,,i think ill try that on my 2cm mads

I used the clear Laser stuff.

I produced the text in a text editor and then did a screen grab into a picture editor to make it a bit more grey and fuzzy and to change the 4s to open style. If you look closely you can see the dots where the laser has made the grey colour though. There is also different stuff for inkjet - if this is waterproof enough then you could get more of a photographic result I guess.

I fed the whole sheet through because I was in a hurry but it would be better to mask off most of the sheet where you don't want to print because it picks up the tiniest bit of crap from inside the printer.

I took the markings from the drawing in

mdv1702munitionder2cmmadsen.pdf which I found on lexpev site.

I put the Mds above the filler code though because I've never seen one the other way round like in the drawing.

good luck

smirky [file name=bmv__4__40W122g.doc size=19456]http://www.bocn.co.uk/images/fbfiles/files/bmv__4__40W122g.doc[/file]
Thanks smirky,,i got to go into town tomorrow so ill have a look around for it,,if not ill have to get it from ebay,....cheers spotter
Hi smirky looks like a "cracking job" to me-they have come out really well !

Keep us posted on any more that you do.