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German 3.8 cm charge cases



The charges in a lot of German cartridges were put into silk bags and then put into the shell cases ,in case of an interaction between the propellant and the case material
Re:German 2 cm charge cases

Also used in the German 2 cm cases that were made of steel ?
Re:German 2 cm charge cases

Hi yes these were used with 2 cm steel cases,i had a 2 cm Solothurn round which when pulled contained a silk bag with granular propellant.From my experience it pays to watch out for rounds with non inert components,ive had few.Live fuses with live gaines,propellant filled cases etc.Not good at all.Anybody else had similiar? Tony.
Re:German 2 cm charge cases

I had some German SD2 practice bombs a while back that were fillied with pitch , but the gaines attached to the fuzes , had spotter charges , which if they had ignited would have caused serious burns .

Re:German 2 cm charge cases

I also have a few of these silk charge bags that came with some 2cm steel Solothurn cases. Although happy to report mine were empty. As far as i know these were also used in the brass cases never seen a brass case with one though. But have seen wartime pictures of sectioned rounds (brass) with them in. Cant find them to post though sorry.