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German (38)SI



The 38Si fuze was produced in 1942 to be used in the SC250 kg bomb being used for anti submarine use .
it superceeded the usual (38) fuze Sorry that the paint covers the markings
As you can see the only variation on the two fuzes is the markings SI The paint on these fuzes appear to be thicker than the usual fuzes .
The two fuzes side by side lh normal (38)Rh side the (38)SI
Hi Everyone tried about a dozen shots to show the markings,but the paint is much thicker on this fuze than the normal ones , for some unknown reason! this fuze came from a box of Liberated fuzes found in a factory after liberation , in Germany 1945

All good stuff!,thank you gents.

FM,has that one of yours been painted again after the war by a collector perhaps?

Hi paul
I always wondered if it had been repainted but i truly believe it to be genuine paint.
Hi Pascal
I too have Xrays taken of this fuze , which i was going to display but couldnt find a light source to put behind it , well done it look very good
Hello fuzeman

This is also usual El AZ 38, but turn side 90.

We have an electronic X-ray device, so the pictures are automaticly display on computer. It's better but more heavy to bring.