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German 5cm,good deal???


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Hello all, As of the postmans visit yesterday,my mortar bomb collection has
doubled in size,and increased in calibre by 5mm.

I've added a German 5cm to my Brixia 45mm,it's a nice clean piece with no
corrosion,and has similar markings to a piece posted by Waffenamt early last year,A GUM,various numbers 14A,144,81 and a couple of waffenamt
stamps on the bomb body,and 41cma1b and waffenamt stamp on the tailfin stem.

I spotted this bomb and a nice 37mm pom-pom round on a dealers website
on Thursday,he wanted 35 each for them,and 8 postage,which I popped
in the post right away,and they arrived on Monday!!!

I don't know what these mortar bombs usually change hands for,but there's one dealer I can think of who's asking 125 postpaid!!!
Sadly,no, suitable cameras are readily available,I guess,what's proving rather more difficult to acquire,is the ability to use one if I had it!!!

I'm persevering with all this,however,and once I've discovered what all the keys do,and finally managed to grasp the terminology,there may very well be images galore!!!