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German 8 cm Ub


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Cheers Mad B)
Oooh nice!

What is the shadow of at the top of the picture?,it looks like a camel!:laugh: ;)

serious though,thats a great find,shame its going the the smelter.


Yes its a camel was in the sahara today Waff.:blink: :laugh: :laugh:
And it's not going to the smelter waff it's from a collection from some one over here.

Cheers Mad :laugh: :laugh:

I picked up one of these recently does anyone have any info on them especially on the bouncing variety (which mine is not)
Cheers DAZ
Thats a nice mortar.great pickup.B)
What do you mean by `bouncing variety` though chap?
I just thought these were fired and then a straight `pop` on landing?


There was one that had a small charge that made the leave the ground a few feet before exploding ,will try and find some info on it.
Please any info piccies etc would be most welcome.

Mad is that the bouncy one because the construction of that one is different to mine, mine has a booster charge looking thing and the top of my bomb body does not come off only about quarter of an inch below the fuze.
Excellent diagrams Rrick.
Very nice manual you have, I just wish I had the money to afford a few.

Maybe I have picked this thread up wrong but the 8cm Wgr. 34 b is a practice bomb.
b = bungsgeschoss = practice projectile.

The explosive models were:
8cm Wgr. 34
8cm Wgr. 38
8cm Wgr. 39
The last diagram of Rrick's is also a practice bomb for the 8cm Wgr. 40

As far as I know the Wgr.40 was of steel construction instead of cast iron and designed for explosive force instead of fragmentation.

I hope this has been of some help.

Hi Cdip theres a good chance its been repainted but I think it was probally a long time ago as the paint is showing signs of old age ,
I bought it off Seigfried on specialistauctions.com a while ago now .

Cheers Daz
I think the first picture the bounding type mortar bomb that hits the ground setting of a charge to make the bomb bound up in the air and explode, bit like an S-Mine.