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German air-dropped weapons to 1945.


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May be of interest to some members.
German air-dropped weapons to 1945.
Wolfang Fleischer.
Midland Publishing. ISBN 1857801741

Excellent book translated from the original German edition. Text can be a little difficult (due to its translated nature) but the pictures and line drawings speak for themselves.

I got my copy from Amazon (you may be able to get from the BOCN online store?).

I paid less than 20, which is a real bargain considering the amount of information contained between the covers.

It should be a 'Bible' for German Bomb/Fuzes collectors like yourself.

Thanks for the tip old boy and i hope i see you tomorrow?;)
Update!,ive just bought a copy for 30 off Amazon!:) Brand new,i couldnt find one on the BOCN store

Amazon have it for 16.49 post free.

Play have it for the full RRP of 24.99

You could also support you local book shop and order it from them.

Where ever you get its well worth the cash.


P.S. I've never had such a positive response to a thread before!
Its a brilliant book well worth keeping an eye out for !

I just bought another 3 ,,can see these been hard to get books soon..KER-CHING :laugh:
:laugh: You rotten git!

I should have mine by midweek and i will post a coupler of taster pics for Daz!:p

Wow Spotter, you have such faith in my opinion, I feel rather touched :laugh:

I'm please to have been a help to members.