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German Bomb Fuze


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Hello! I times which cribbed myself from! Hello Steve comes you admits forwards? Greeting Harry


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Who nicking my ideas? very nice harry mine came from i think a salesmans case, as the box insert is stamped , so i can only assume it was a purpose built item .
Hi Harry
Im interested in the C50 (5) EX you show in the box anymore pictures of the fuze please?
Hello Steve! I has the El.AZ.50 ex already times presented under fuzes on 5 June. Greeting Harry
Hi Harry Just looked at the post you mentioned , is it only the top part you have ? would be interested in seeing the bottom of that fuze please

Hello Steve! I made a blueprint to you 50's times from all sides. Harry


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Thanks Harry What i think has happened is that the fuze has been made into a paper weight , as there is no method of fitting a gaine to it, so it couldnt function,as a fuze its not been made into a box, does it unscrew or pull apart? also the two charging pins are the same the A pin (Nearest the locating pin )should be circled not both of them .
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