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German Code for Bomb Fuze???


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A question has: Who was the manufacturer of the German bomb fuze El.AZ.25 A. with the code: AD 1940 Harry
hi Harry,

The only thing i have with AD =

Patronen-, Zuendhuetchen- und Metallwarenfabrik AG (formerly Sellier u. Bellot), Schoenebeck on the Elbe

Looking myself for the code AA
:) Hi MB,

I also dont have the code in my list but im sure i was once told it may have been an early one for Rheinmettall Borsig??


If it has a waffenampt stamp No56 then it was produced by one of the Rheinmettall factories most probably Borsig or Sommerda as these 2 factories were known to be making fuzes in the early part of the war
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